JIKISHIN is currently one of the largest groups within the UKMAGB. (United Kingdom Martial Arts Governing Body)


Our Head is Hanshi Brian Herbert 9th Dan With over 50 Years of Martial Arts Experience.


As a Jikishin member, not only are you able to train in many excellent clubs in the South East and elsewhere in the country. There are also many opportunities to take part in regular grade examinations, national and international training seminars.competitions and social events. Please check the Jikishin hompage for Calender of upcoming events. Jikishin recently sent a team to the Bi-Annual European Random Attack Championships in Belgium, and in 2014 hosted this prestigious competition with great success at Loughborough University.


European Random Attacks Championships Belgium 2012


Jikishin Grades are recognized by the UKMAGB and many other groups and Associations nationally and internationally.


At Jikishin all our club instructors are qualified in modern coaching methods and first aid, are DBS checked and Insured.


By the way, jiki is Japanese for straight, honest, pure or direct, while shin means heart or mind.



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